The Hit Factory (THF) is a sports performance company launched in Singapore in 2013. THF has elite training facilities in Singapore and Jakarta and we employ a highly credentialed coaching staff of 12 who manage our travel teams, instructional programs, specialty clinics, recreational leagues, camps, and advanced player development.

THF hosts the THF Classic, the premier international youth tournament in Southeast Asia and the THF Ballplayer Showcase with legendary coach Augie Garrido. The THF founders have also recently acquired a controlling interest in Victory Custom Athletic, the finest baseball apparel retailer in the market.

THF will continue to expand into all international markets including the United States, as we remain true to our goal of providing superior baseball opportunities to ballplayers all over the world.

THF’s Be A Ballplayer Philosophy

When establishing the creed for Asia’s cutting-edge, most elite baseball training facility, THF aligned with legendary college baseball coach Augie Garrido, winner of 5 NCAA National Championships and the winningest coach in NCAA sports history. Coach Garrido’s book, Life is Yours to Win: Lessons Forged from the Purpose, Passion, and Magic of Baseball, highlights his quest as a coach to find not just prospects on the field, but ballplayers. A ballplayer, as THF and Coach Garrido define, is someone who epitomizes the following principles:


  • In your commitment to the team
  • In the gym and on the practice field
  • In your pursuit of knowledge and desire to grow
  • In your preparation to perform
  • In your ability to perform under pressure


  • Be coachable
  • Find satisfaction in selflessness
  • Be relentless in your commitment to self-improvement
  • Find humility in success and confidence in failure
  • Be a ferocious competitor


  • Love the game you are playing
  • Believe in your teammates and yourself
  • Appreciate that failure is not always what it seems
  • Fight to focus on the process…not the result
  • Be decisive and willing to live with the outcome