Hello THF Family,

THF has a few exciting announcements to make to our Club Team members!

The Dugout Report will be THF’s monthly letter to all Club Team members, offering an exclusive look at the happenings at The Hit Factory. You’ll catch the latest news and be up to speed with everything that is THF. In the Dugout Report, you’re so close to the action, you’re practically in the dugout!

Please read the below information thoroughly, as it contains important details that pertain to all Club Team members.


The THF Be A Ballplayer Philosophy has been very well received by our players!

See Page 3 for the full version of this philosophy.

The THF Professional Coaching Staff continues to challenge all age groups with being able to recite our core principles, and to fully understand each of them and their true meanings.

As you may have noticed, we have recently introduced a yellow Ballplayer jersey that has been handed out to one player from each of THF’s Club Teams. This jersey is more than just another garment to hang in the closet, and is earned by the player that most epitomizes THF’s Be A Ballplayer Philosophy.

Attitude, sportsmanship, effort level, humility and coach-ability are just a few of the key factors when the coaching staff considers who to reward with the yellow Ballplayer jersey.

The jersey is presented to the player at the start of each week (Sundays for 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U; Tuesdays for 17U; Thursdays for 10U Softball) and can be re-earned by the same player, or awarded to a different player. At any one time, however, there will only be one player per Club Team donning the yellow Ballplayer jersey.

As the coaching staff awards the most worthy Ballplayer from week to week, the same player may earn the jersey three weeks in a row, or the jersey may go to a different player every week. It is also possible that not every player will have the opportunity to wear the yellow Ballplayer jersey, as the jersey is merit-based and must be earned.

The coaching staff is excited about this initiative, and anticipates that all of THF’s Club Team players will aspire to receive the yellow Ballplayer jersey, which will naturally create healthy competition within each Club Team.


We are excited to announce that THF will be offering two 4-week summer camps! These baseball

and softball camps will be for players between 5-14 years old, and will take place at THF and the United World College (UWC) Dover campus. ATTACHED IS A FLYER with more information about the THF Summer Camp, including cost and registration details. Register before Sunday, April 12th to get a 10% Early Bird Discount!


You may have seen some new faces around The Hit Factory. Our team is growing, and we are

excited for you to get to know our newest staff members. Each of them will be working with THF in different capacities, sometimes on different days of the week, and even from different locations.

Kim Conyers, THF Ballplayer Showcase Coordinator

Kim orchestrated the first ever THF Singapore Classic in 2014, and followed it up with a successful 2015 event. Kim will be overseeing the THF Ballplayer Showcase events in Singapore and the United States. Kim has a daughter, Abbey, who plays on the 10U Pink Sox Softball Club Team, and a son, Chris, who plays on the 14U THF Baseball Club Team.

Phoebe Stevens, THF Travel Coordinator

Phoebe has a background in travel, hospitality and customer service. Phoebe will be based in Los Angeles, where she will work remotely for THF. Phoebe will be overseeing all of THF’s travel components, including marketing and execution of THF travel tours.

Jeannie Lo, THF Ballplayer Showcase Marketing Manager

Jeannie has a background in media and marketing, and previously worked for The Economist in advertising sales. Jeannie will be overseeing marketing and promotion of the THF Ballplayer Showcases.

B.J. Stewart, THF Professional Coach

B.J. came to THF straight from the collegiate coaching ranks, where he was an Assistant Coach at the University of Antelope Valley in southern California. A graduate of Albany State University,

B.J. was a four-year starter where he was a two-way player (pitcher/first base/outfield). He played professionally in the Australian Baseball League and comes to THF by way of Atlanta, Georgia.

CJ Maeda, THF Professional Coach

C.J. is the newest coach to the THF staff, and is from Tokyo, Japan. For the last four years, C.J. managed his own baseball academy, called Perfect Pitch and Swing. C.J. was a left-handed pitcher, and played high school and college baseball in the U.S., attending Los Angeles City College and Culver-Stockton College. CJ will be moving to the THF Jakarta facility next month.

Our friendly, professional staff looks forward to working with you.

See you at the yard!

Go Sox!

Owen Reid
Director of Operations
The Hit Factory Pte. Ltd.