The reason you want your son to go to The Hit Factory is because they have the best instructors. They know how to develop the personality of your son or daughter. They put baseball in its rightful place. His life and the things that go into giving him the core values and skills to be successful in life, ONLY The Hit Factory specializes in this.”

Augie Garrido – University of Texas Head Coach

“The game of baseball is evolving at every level from here in the United States to countries half way around the world. Every coach is looking for that extra edge and especially when it comes to recruiting. Having the opportunity to recruit internationally provided by the THF Ballplayer Showcase is amazing. The level of overall talent was incredible with the majority of players having the ability to play beyond high school. I am looking forward to this year’s crop of players and to hopefully find a future Husker!”

Ted Silva – Nebraska University Head Pitching Coach

“The game of baseball has a way of bringing great people together worldwide. The Hit Factory Singapore Event has hit a home run in connecting international players with some of the best instructors and colleges coaches in the world. The event offers players a chance to showcase their skill set, receive direct instruction from coaches and be a part of great seminar sessions. It’s a no miss event for international players.” 

David Pierce – University of Texas Head Coach

“The THF Showcase in Singapore is at the forefront of opening up international recruiting for college baseball. The staff that was put together last year is a great indication of where this showcase is headed. For young baseball players that want a chance to play college baseball in the US, this is by far the best thing going. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to recruit players overseas that definitely deserve a look and a chance to play at LMU.”

Jason Gill – Loyola Marymount University Head Coach

What a great opportunity for young players from this part of the world to demonstrate their skills for the top college coaches from some of the finest academic and athletic programs in the US, as well as professional scouts from Major league baseball.”

Bill Pintard – New York Yankees Scout

“Great facility- Even better staff. Glad to have found this gem.”

Drew Tambling – THF Singapore Customer

“The Hit Factory is one of the very best baseball clubs I’ve trained at. I learned so much in the short time I was there. When I arrived in Singapore my batting wasn’t that good, my stance wasn’t as good as it used to be (because of an injury), but after one day at THF, it was 10 times better. The coaches at THF were very friendly and you could tell from the get go that they were very experienced at baseball. Once I got back to Perth I noticed a big improvement in my game and in my second game back I hit a single, a standup double and a home run over the fence. Thank you THF for the great experience!”

Ben McKern, 14 years old – THF Fly Away Camp Participant
Perth, Australia

“Great Place! Recommend to every Singapore baseball player!!”

Judy Hopkins Hickey – THF Singapore Customer

“Fantastic group. Great expertise, instructors and support staff. Highly recommended.”

John Fekete – THF Customer

“The THF Ballplayer Showcase inspired Ben to work harder at school, take on a leadership role, lift his grades and strive more towards becoming a college athlete.  As a parent, I say this in all honesty, the showcase gave him a bit of clarity and perspective on baseball and a new emphasis on education.  Following the showcase, Ben took Bill Pintard’s advice to heart and had the winter off to play basketball and focus on his studies.  Music to my ears as a parent but he arrived at this all on his own, making it that much better.” 

Joe Hischar – Father of THF Ballplayer Showcase Participant
Perth, Australia

“My son Sagar has participated in some of the different programs available and it is very rare to come across classy coaches as here in THF. My son always looks forward to go to each session of baseball and enjoys it thoroughly.  I have seen progress in my son’s work and an increase in his self-esteem.  Joining THF was the best thing that has happened to my son. I hope more parents come to try out and have their kids join THF.”
Aarti Mirchandani – THF Singapore Customer

“What a great learning experience it was! With a warm and friendly host family and truly awesome coaches who taught me new and improved learning techniques and skills. I had a wonderful time and it was such a great experience at THF Singapore.”  
Bryce Gomes, 14 years old – THF Fly Away Camp Participant
Perth, Australia

“Far exceeded my expectations!  I recently took a small group of young West Australian baseballers to The Hit Factory (THF) in Singapore for a three day training camp.  The logistical task for me coordinating this was made so much easier with the expert assistance of Owen, the Director of Operations at THF. The coaching staff ran an amazing & comprehensive clinic covering all aspects of being a ball player & provided invaluable feedback & analysis on each player’s performance. I would like to make a special mention of Coach Paul whose enthusiasm & wealth of knowledge is outstanding.  He clearly has what it takes to connect with players at all levels & keeps them focused throughout the sessions. I was impressed at the areas covered in such a short period & would without hesitation recommend this organization to anyone interested in attaining that next level of coaching expertise for their ballplayer(s).
Justin Cartwright – THF Fly Away Camp Chaperone/Parent
Perth Australia

“It was a great experience and what resonated for us was the positive coaching these elite coaches provided to all of the participants to enable them to go forward and develop their skills and outlook as a baseball player. The feedback from the coaches is really constructive for Levi in his development. He really enjoyed the experience.”
Bek Duyckers – Mother of THF Ballplayer Showcase Participant
Perth, Australia

“The [2016] THF Japan trip was fantastic. It helped the THF teams, parents and coaches bond in a way that has helped cement meaningful relationships all around. What an awesome overall experience!”
Harpreet Nehal, Father of THF 12U Ballplayer

“This [2016 THF Japan trip] was a great way to bring together our first year in the program. Not only was this a great baseball experience; it was a wonderful cultural experience for our entire family.”

Shawn McBride, Father of THF 12U Ballplayer

“[Our son] Ayden made some great connections with the [THF] coaching staff and fellow ballplayers and it’s great to see this level of mate-ship that has developed.  As parents, we were warmly welcomed and included by the other THF families. This [2016 THF Japan] tour was so professionally planned with every minor detail thought out.  We have no hesitation in highly recommending this tour to anyone that is given the opportunity.”
Kerry & Justin Cartwright, Parents of THF 14U Ballplayer

“What an amazing experience THF delivered! Our baseball player saw first-hand how differently the young Japanese players approach the same game, and was really able to appreciate the different aspects of American versus Japanese styles of play. We also enjoyed seeing our younger children bond with the other siblings on the trip, spending hours outdoors playing games and making new friends. Everything from the temples of Kyoto to the Grand Sumo in Kobe were teed up perfectly. We tried food and had experiences I would never have been able to organize on my own. It was a fulfilling and exciting trip for the whole family–and all the planning and organizing was done for us!”
Jake & Dru Gearhart, Parents of THF 12U Ballplayer

“To the Coaches at THF,
I wanted to take the time to personally acknowledge and thank you all for the past four months since my son joined THF. While we have been living in Singapore the past four years, it was not until this past Fall he decided he wanted to start playing baseball (I think the Mets had something to do with that).  As a former Division I pitcher, of course, I was very happy, even if it took until he was twelve to make this decision. Regardless, we started to have a “catch” almost every day.
Fortunately, we learned about THF in December and signed him up. This experience has far exceeded my expectations. The progression of my son as a baseball player and, more importantly, as a student athlete, has been incredible, and I owe this to the coaches.  My son talks about how much fun he is having (isn’t that what it’s all about) and how his coach is “inspirational.” THF coaches have “top” résumés in baseball, but that doesn’t begin to describe their character, which is more important. In addition to teaching in depth baseball fundamentals, “learning” the nuisances of the game from the coaches during Saturday scrimmages and tournaments in a supportive and fun manner is priceless.
For me, growing up in the States, and rising to a very high level in this game, I have seen it all, both good and bad. The THF coaches have shown me too, the right way to approach and teach this great game and our children are fortunate.
THF coaches are demanding in an educational, supportive and productive way. Additionally, they teach through positive reinforcement and create a safe atmosphere. How far my son takes his baseball career depends on him, but this experience at THF will leave a positive lasting impression for him on the difficulty and beauty of baseball, and I thank you for that.
Tom Kingsley
Father of 12U THF Club Team Player
May 2016

Dear THF,
I would like to thank you for the fantastic opportunity and great coaching  that Damon has received over the last two and a half years. He is catching a plane in several hours to the USA to go and play at the University of Charleston, in West Virginia, something that we thought was not on the cards when we first came to Singapore as for an Australian to get to go to a US college and play is not very common at all even at Junior College level.
Thanks to the help he received at THF Damon is realizing his dream to play college baseball and we cant thank you guys enough. We are so glad that John Shoemaker told us about THF when we first arrived in Singapore.
I wish you  guys every success and if the things I read about you starting in Australia soon are true I hope you have every success and help others like you have helped Damon .I would have no hesitation in sending any Aussie kid your way.
Mark Styan
Father of 18U Club Team Player
August 2016

Dear THF,

Thank you  for a great week.  From the CCSLT meeting, the Coaching session, and last but by far not least, THF’s Kick Ball Team Building.  What a great time had by all.  Although we have a lot of competitive  members of the team, they embraced everyone’s athletic abilities and we had a ball.  The venue was perfect for team building.  What a welcoming staff who made the games even more enjoyable.  This was by far the best team building we have had and I want to thank you both for making our last of 2016 so special.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you.